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    The 8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2015

    The theme of the 2015 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale is “Color: Ceramic Spectrum”. The definition of “color” has been broadened to include color as a material characterist...


Looking Forward to this Winter’s DMZ Movie Festival

Looking Forward to this Winter’s DMZ Movie Festival

Jo Jea-hyun and Yoo Ji-tae at an event for attaching promotional stickers to government cars on June 22
Film festival to be held from September 22 to 28, featuring over 100 movies

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◇ Governor Kim Moon-soo, campaign manager Jo Jea-hyun, and campaign assistant manager Yoo Ji-tae at the DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival (DMZ Docs) promotional sticker event. ⓒ GNews Plus Hwang Jin-hwan

Gyeonggi Province has launched its campaign to promote the 3rd DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival (DMZ Docs), which will take place this September in Paju.

Governor Kim Moon-soo, campaign manager Jo Jea-hyun, and campaign assistant manager Yoo Ji-tae also attended the DMZ Docs promotional sticker event.

The DMZ Docs organizing committee released their official poster. On August they will host a press conference during which they will reveal the related events and the event trailer, and introduce the event’s honorary ambassador.

This year’s event, which marks the festival’s third year, will be held for an extended period from September 22 to 28 at the Cinus Eche Theatre in Paju Book City. It will also feature a larger selection of films, expanded from 85 to 100.

In step with the 2011 theme of “Peace, Communication, and Life,” the opening ceremony will be held in Dorasan Station. Actor and assistant manager Yoo Ji-tae will be on the train, which will depart from Busan for Imjingang Station, bearing passengers watching documentary films all the way.

The organizing committee is also planning an event to help children living in regions torn by conflict. There will be a donation event associated with the film festival to help child soldiers in East Congo. Thirty to fifty percent of all ticket sales will go towards rehabilitating the child soldiers, so those who purchase tickets will be contributing to a good cause.

At today’s event, campaign assistant manager Yoo Ji-tae said, “I want those who come to the film festival to broaden their horizons and aid our global neighbors who are isolated and in desperate need of help.”

Campaign manager Jo Jea-hyun said, “We hope this year’s event will put DMZ Docs on the Asian map. We also hope that it will help ease tensions between the North and South, thereby advancing the unification we all long for.”

ⓒ GNews Plus News | Nam Gyeong-wu echo2008@kg21.net



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