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    C-Art Museum
    This privately-owned arts center bulit on an area of 165.250㎡ displays modern art works and Christian-oriented works. It is equipped with exhibition halls, an education center, and...
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    The 28th Icheon Ceramic Festival

    - Period: August 29 – September 21, 2014 - Place: Icheon Seolbong Park  - Host: Icheon Ceramic Festival Promotion Committee - Contact: 031-638-8610~1 - Website: http://www.ceramic....


Yangpyeong County – Giljo

Yangpyeong County – Giljo

As one approaches this restaurant, a Japanese-style log cabin behind Namhangang River and Yongmunsan Mountain jump out to the visitor’s eye. Giljo, a traditional Japanese restaurant, features long sections of raw fish from larger fish. Properly matured raw fish has a more savory taste and chewy texture compared to small fish. At Giljo, customers can enjoy palate-pleasing food and the beautiful night scenery of the Yanggeundaegyo Bridge through panoramic windows.

Yangpyeong County – Giljo
181-5, Byeongsan-ri, Gansang-myeon, Yangpyeong County
Seats: 120
Parking Capacity: 80
Sashimi (Sashimi) / KRW 70,000
Chobap (Sushi) / KRW 30,000
Chamchi (Tuna) / KRW 60,000



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