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    Suwon Goeupsung (Gyeonggi-do Monument No 93)
      This was an ancient town of Suwon inhabited since Goryo Dynasty and most of the town was lost while relocating the town to present Suwon by King Jeongjo to construct Yungnung and...
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    The 8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2015

    The theme of the 2015 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale is “Color: Ceramic Spectrum”. The definition of “color” has been broadened to include color as a material characterist...


Yangpyeong County – Giljo

Yangpyeong County – Giljo

As one approaches this restaurant, a Japanese-style log cabin behind Namhangang River and Yongmunsan Mountain jump out to the visitor’s eye. Giljo, a traditional Japanese restaurant, features long sections of raw fish from larger fish. Properly matured raw fish has a more savory taste and chewy texture compared to small fish. At Giljo, customers can enjoy palate-pleasing food and the beautiful night scenery of the Yanggeundaegyo Bridge through panoramic windows.

Yangpyeong County – Giljo
181-5, Byeongsan-ri, Gansang-myeon, Yangpyeong County
Seats: 120
Parking Capacity: 80
Sashimi (Sashimi) / KRW 70,000
Chobap (Sushi) / KRW 30,000
Chamchi (Tuna) / KRW 60,000



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