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    2014 Siheung Gaetgol Festival
    —  Date: 2014.08.29 – 2014.08.31 —  Venue: Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park —  Host/Organizer: Siheung City / Siheung Gaetgol Festival Promotion Committee —  Website: http://w...
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    The 28th Icheon Ceramic Festival

    - Period: August 29 – September 21, 2014 - Place: Icheon Seolbong Park  - Host: Icheon Ceramic Festival Promotion Committee - Contact: 031-638-8610~1 - Website: http://www.ceramic....


Ilsan Bamgasi Choga


Ilsan Bamgasi Choga (thatched house) It was a house for middle class family in 170 years ago and it was built during latter period of Joseon. In the town, there were many of chestnut trees. It has disposition of shape with living room, kitchen, guest room, and barn. It has a special feature of structure whose roof is in coil shape and has round shape of dirt-floor.



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